Welcome to the Adirondack Fly Fishing School
And Home of The Casting Coach

For as long as he can remember, Lou Bruno has fished the waters of Upstate New York. He’s fished the streams, lakes, and rivers. He has learned how to finesse a cast and present the right fly, at the right time, on the right water, and in the right place.

He is a member of the Capital District Fly Fishers, a fellowship of anglers where the primary activity of the Capital District Fly Fishers is the teaching of fly fishing skills, fly tying, the ethics of angling and the stewardship of our resources.

He has studied the habits of his prey: Their hungers, their seasons, their hiding places. He’s fished for trout, muskie, and pike; catfish, bass, and crappie and he has caught them all. With a little help from the Casting Coach, you can too!

Whether a novice or a seasoned fly fisher, let The Casting Coach’s fishing and teaching experience take you to the next level. Individual and group coaching is available. Custom guided outings can also be arranged.

I have taught people in all age groups, men, women and children, learn how to cast or to cast better.
I offer individual casting lessons and group lessons.
I am a certified instructor with the Federation of Fly Fishers.        

Adirondack Fly Fishing School

The Adirondack Fly Fishing School teaches both fundamental and advanced fly fishing techniques.

Whether you've never really tried fly fishing or you're an experienced angler, we provide instruction that will make your time on the water more effective and enjoyable.

Course selection includes an inclusive 6 hour course (single handed lesson or spey lesson) or one of our 90 minute courses designed to give you a strong foundation or get you casting on the river. 

Registration is required.
Please contact us by: 
Home phone  (518) 237-4636
Cell phone (518) 428-2803 
email:   info@AdirondackFlyFishingSchool.com


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